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Your opportunities with VSchool

Courses and trainings

What You will gain learning with us:

  • Quickly, in comfortable and stress-free manner you WILL  master the language You need
  • You WILL get rid of the barriers in learning and using the language
  •  You WILL develop fluency and other useful language abilities 
  • You WILL gain psychological comfort in using the language every day
  • You WILL meet new, interesting people with similar interests  
  • You Will combine pleasant with useful : getting new knowledge and relaxation


You can join:

  1. individual, pair and group courses
  2. For adults, youth and children
  3. Communicative and Relax&Learn method
  4. General and specialist language ( Business and Marketing English&Polish with a hands on-business experience lecturer)
  5. Preparation for job interviews in English and Polish.
  6. Ad hoc language consultations before speeches, presentations and other in a foreign language.


YES. You CAN :)

What makes us different? INT TM ( Intuitive Teaching) Method

We can all achieve success. So You can...

We are all  predisposed to achieve great things.

We can all learn a foreign language and fulfill our goals and dreams.

Some people have problems with learning a language due to psychological barriers. Multiple attempts and money spent do not lead to expected results. The situation can be changed.

Have you ever done anything so fast and splendidly, that it took your breath away? Do you remember the moments when you were really delighted with what you had done and wondered how it had happened?

NLP and other techniques which we use so that you can learn a language faster shows how to understand and model your own success to experience much more of it.

Language is a filter. It's a map of our own thoughts and experience.

If you think you can learn a language- you surely will. If you believe it -you will achieve success. We are what we think.

Perhaps it is worth to begin your journey to learn a language and believe this aim is achievable and valuable.

You can begin a magic language adventure now....Fasten your seat belts..


E-Learning VSchool

You or your child need ad-hoc assistance in Polish or English?

Invest in our on-line language assistance-we can help!

It is possible that many times something kept you at work, your boss unexpectedly sent you on a busines trip or traffic jams didn't allow you to attend a lesson. We care about you, you can't be here- we will teach you on-line!

Take advantage of our special combined offer. Learn at school or learn  on-line when necessary.